Hop Sac Series 2016

Hop Sac is a California Wet Hop Ale brewed with freshly-harvested whole cone California hops. The Hop Sac series explores the concept of terroir – the specific combination of geographic and climatic factors that influence growing conditions at a certain place – as it relates to hops and beer. Similar to wine grapes, hops will express different flavors in the finished beer depending on factors during the growing season which include rainfall, temperature and humidity.



We proudly introduce the 2016 vintage of our Hop Sac California Wet Hop Ale, brewed with freshly-harvested whole cone hops. This year we offer two Sacramento Grown versions of Hop Sac: Utterback (Sloughhouse) and Ruhstaller Farm + Yard (Dixon). These beers were brewed with identical recipes, save for the origin and varietals of the hops. We invite you to do a side-by-side tasting to discover the terroir of two distinct Sacramento hop farms.


HOP SAC 2016 Dixon
Dixon, California Wet Hop Ale

BARLEY | California Metcalf & Copeland Ron & Ann McGill – Klamath River Basin, CA
HOPS | California Nugget & Cascade Ruhstaller Farm & Yard – Dixon, CA
IBUs | 42
ABV | 6.0%

You’d think this being our 5th Hop Harvest and all
that we’d seen pretty much everything.
That we could just get the band back together and rock n roll
Well, clearly farming doesn’t quite work like that.
Even though we had Pedro back at the helm
And Team Ruhsti working the fields
And lots of great folks joining us for Hop School
And a wet winter
And a hot summer
And Jeremy’s helpful (and adorable) sheep
And the ol pesky mites behaving themselves…

Still, out of left field the county sucker punched us!

But, after dusting ourselves off…
and with tons of encouragement from y’all..
We thankfully were able to grow this beer!

We hope you appreciate this 2016 Hop Sac Dixon as much as we do!



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HOP SAC 2016 Sloughhouse
Sloughhouse, California Wet Hop Ale

BARLEY | California Metcalf & Copeland Ron & Ann McGill – Klamath River Basin, CA
HOPS | Sloughhouse Cluster Dave, Dia, Christopher & Michelle Utterback – Sloughhouse, CA
IBUs | 42
ABV | 6.0%

SLOUGHHOUSE: Once the epicenter of the world’s largest hop growing region,
and home to California’s last commercial hop ranch,
farmed by George and Virginia Signorotti.

Today, David and Dia Utterback continue this hop growing tradition on their 5 acre hop yard in Sloughhouse
along the banks of the Cosumnes River.

Sloughhouse’s hop harvests in the 1900s to 1950s found hundreds of families hand picking the delicate, lightweight hop cone.
Then the mechanized hop picking machine made the work easier.
There were still hundreds of people working in the hop fields, driving trucks and trailers, and cutting down the hop bines.
Fast forward to August 2016 and we recruit family, friends, and neighbors to hand pick these
heritage hops just for you and Ruhstaller’s Hop Sac beer.
Several current hop pickers have experience working in the fields during the 60s & 70s.
From our family and friends to you, we are happy to continue the hop harvest season of days gone by, and enjoy the 2016 Sloughhouse Hop Sac!



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