Test IPA

IBUs |
ABV | 7.6%

The World Doesn’t Need (Just) Another IPA. We decided only to make one if we could add to the conversation.

The Test IPA was born in our RFR+D Program. It has had many code names, including Blanco and Citra Mafia. When visitors to the Taproom liked it and we couldn’t stop drinking it ourselves, we realized that perhaps we had something worth sharing.

With this beer, we are in a perpetual state of refinement. In December we released Version 1.0, in early February Version 2.0, Version 3.0 in March, Version 4.0 in April, Version 5.0 in June, Version 6.0 in September, and Version 7.0 in October, Version 8.0 in November, and now 9.0 in April. This is the continuing story of the Test IPA.

Please email us at brewery[at] with your thoughts.

Production limited to 70 cases per version.


Test IPA 1.0


Test IPA 2.0


Test IPA 3.0


Test IPA 4.0


Test IPA 5.0


RFR+D Program

The Ruhstaller RFR+D Program was established to bring a continuous cycle of innovation and refinement to the art of expressing California Grown ingredients. RFR+D brewers produce 2-3 new beers a week that undergo a rigorous evaluation, with promising candidates moving on to public tastings. Beers that past muster are then considered for commercial production. True to the name ‘Rapid Fire Research & Development’ all of this happens quickly, allowing us to remain nimble and react quickly to changing trends and tastes.