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Our Research + Development Brewery + Taproom are located in the heart of Downtown Sacramento,
not far from Captain Frank’s original brewery. Since 2010 we have been developing
recipes here as part of our Rapid Fire Research + Development (
RFR+D) program.




Enjoy a beer in our Downtown Sacramento Taproom.

We’ve extended our Sat & Sun hours to open at 11am! We welcome visitors to the brewery taproom on an appointment-only basis: Tu/Wed 2-9 pm, Th/Fr 2-10pm, Sa 11am-10 pm and Sundays 11am-8 pm. To make a reservation please call 916-447-1881 or reserve by email. Please note that we do not offer tours at this time. Yes, the taproom is dog-friendly!


LOCATION   Google Map

The Ruhstaller Brewery is located in the basement of 630 K Street in the heart of Downtown Sacramento. The brewery entrance is on 7th Street, between K St. and the alley and behind the bus stop. Please ring the bell to gain access.


Photo Feb 27, 9 10 07 AM

The hop vault and beer library.

Parking is available in nearby garages or on surface streets. The closest garage has an entrance on 7th Street between J and K, next to 24 Hour Fitness. At this time we do not offer parking validation.


Members of the Swiss Rifle Club may pick up beer allocations at the brewery without an appointment during normal taproom hours.



The Downtown Taproom is available for private events. Please contact us at events[at] for more information.