ÔĽŅThe thief-taker slipped into the room and eased the door shut behind him. Berren caught a glimpse of him in the frail light that filtered in through the windows. The feet on the stairs reached the top. In silence, Master Sy crept behind the door. He opened his coat and drew the stubby sword he carried. discount viagra super active He went looking for the justicar, but it turned out that Kol wasnít in The Eight that day and Berren eventually went back to the temple at dawn on Sun-Day with no idea where else to go. For the rest of that week he spent his days with Tasahre, watching the other monks, singling them out one by one, reading how they moved, how they fought, and, where he could, what they looked like from behind leaping up a wall. They were the right build, short and lithe southerners. Some of them went missing now and then ó he saw that now. He asked, but Tasahre shook her head. That was business of the order and not his concern, she told him, and so he didnít bother asking the others; still, as the week drew on, he watched. Different monks disappeared each day, usually just one or two of them but sometimes half a dozen. They were always missing in the morning and at midday but back for the afternoon. When he approached any of them, they simply walked away. None of them would talk to him, not even a word of greeting. The only time he got close to most of them was late in the afternoon in the fighting circle, and then only for as long as it took for them to bash him on the head with the flat of a sword, bow and walk away.


Ruhstaller Farm & Yard

“We’re A Farm, Not A Factory”

In 2012, renowned Sacramento grocer Darrell Corti presented J-E with a challenge: earn the title of ‘Sacramento’s Beer’ by using local hops. In spring 2013 the Ruhstaller Farm & Yard was founded as a response to this challenge and as a way to prove that hops not only grow well in Sacramento, but also meet our stringent standards for high quality California Grown ingredients. Much like a winery set amidst vineyards, the Ruhstaller Farm & Yard offers craft beer enthusiasts a unique opportunity to experience Ruhstaller‚Äôs California Grown beer at the source and to learn about the Sacramento region‚Äôs historic legacy as a preeminent hop-growing region.¬†The Farm & Yard has two components: a 1 acre farm that includes a hop demonstration area and outdoor event space, ¬†and a 7.5 acre working hop yard.




Size: 1 acre

Includes: Hop demonstration area, hop kiln & event space

The Farm is our education and events space. Over 20 varieties of hops grow on a range of trellis styles that showcase the designs that hop farmers have used throughout history. This demonstration area doubles as a hop trials program, wherein hop varieties are evaluated for their performance at our site. Among the best-performers for 2013 were Cascade and Nugget. Centennial is also looking great, though it’s too early to tell for sure. Willamette and Pearl did not fare quite as well in our hot, arid summer. Our open-air event space¬†at The Farm can accommodate upwards of 100 people and hosts events for Ruhstaller and¬†partner organizations. The beauty of California’s Great Central Valley is on display at every event as guests are treated to spectacular sunsets over the Vaca Mountains to the west..


Photo Aug 25, 1 26 47 PM (1)


Size: 7.5 acres

Varieties: Cascade, Nugget & Centenntial

The Yard is where We Grow Beer. We farm for quality California ingredients, and to honor the Sacramento region’s legacy as a prominent hop growing region.¬†The Yard is currently planted with 1 acre of Cascade, Centennial and Nugget. With the help of dedicated fans we picked the inaugural harvest – the ‘First Leaf’ – ¬†at the Yard in August 2013. Weighing in at over 200 pounds, this ‘bumper crop’ of Sacramento hops far surpassed expectations for our first year both in quantity and quality. The Cascade hops from this historic first harvest went directly into the brew kettle for Hop Sac First Leaf 2013, a very special version of our Hop Sac California Wet Hop Ale. The Nugget hops made¬†their debut in our Nugget Ale, released in¬†April 2014.






The Ruhstaller Farm Taproom is now Closed.

Stay tuned for our Next Chapter…


The Ruhstaller Farm & Yard is located at 8949 Olmo Lane Dixon, CA 95620

Exit 69 off I-80 (Kidwell Rd) just west of Davis