Dr. Ru

bold, smooth, floral 2xIPA…the Dr. is in!

BARLEY | California Metcalf & Copeland
HOPS | CTZ, Cascade, Centennial & Citra
IBUs | 60
ABV | 10.5%

“Dr. Ru”
Dr. Frank Ruhstaller, aka Frank III, the grandson of Capt. Frank Ruhstaller
cared for the children of Stockton as a pediatrician from 1950 until his death in 1999.

He was beloved by both his young patients and their parents.
Specializing in identifying ailments in even the youngest of children, Dr. Ru approached his craft much like the Franks before him:
one eye on the science and the other on the art.

In that spirit, he sent his patients home with a custom made airplane crafted out of two tongue depressors and a rubber band
his way of saying “everything will be okay”
Let’s raise a toast to the Doctor…
Dr. Ru

originally released as Test IPA v.5.o in May 2015