Hop Sac 2017

Hop Sac is a California Wet Hop Ale brewed with freshly-harvested whole cone California hops. The Hop Sac series explores the concept of terroir – the specific combination of geographic and climatic factors that influence growing conditions at a certain place – as it relates to hops and beer. Similar to wine grapes, hops will express different flavors in the finished beer depending on factors during the growing season which include rainfall, temperature and humidity.


3 Hops…3 Varietals…3 Terroirs…3 Hopyards…3 Families:

The Ruhstallers of Dixon – Cascade
The Langs of Elkhorn Slough – Yolo Gold
The Utterbacks of Sloughhouse – GrassHop’r

In 6 years of growing hops, this was the toughest year yet
due to outside forces disrupting our normal routines!

Both Labor, or lack thereof, and
too much water delayed field work causing us all to work extra hard this summer.

But with another year of farming experience and the support of a wonderful and devoted team,
the Hops turned out better than ever!
Making the 2017 Hop Sac a truly unique vintage!

From our 3 families to yours…enjoy!