– D I R T –

Dirt is Sacramento
Sacramento is Dirt.
What grows here reflects our character & our character is reflected by what grows here.
Sun. Rain. Heat. Cold. Sweat. Effort. More sweat.
Our past.
Our future.
They are our Heritage,
our Responsibility,
our Dreams.
We are their steward.
The DIRT project aims to reflect Sacramento & remind us of who we are:

. . .

This year we wanted to experiment with a lesser known citrus: the Meyer Lemon.
Back in the 70s the Meyer Lemon was made famous by Alice Waters of Chez Panisse who started out foraging Meyer Lemons from local backyards and preferred them for their complex flavor and sweetness…a taste of California chefs say.
When JE came up with the idea for the Meyer Lemon, we thought he was nuts, so naturally, we had to try it.
We were surprised–we actually really liked it! So, we needed to find someone growing Meyer Lemons locally…coincidentally, our partner hop farmers, the Utterbacks, are neighbors with Chris Strutz who grows citrus on his small, sustainably farmed ranch. After a few calls, a short drive, and lots of picking, we got our hands on some tasty lemons…and now a few weeks later we have the Meyer Lemon Porter!
We love the story of the Meyer Lemon…how it came to be coveted by chefs, how it was foraged from backyards, how the flavors bring to mind the brightness and sweetness of California…
We hope you enjoy a taste of the bright California sunshine in the Meyer Lemon Porter!