Hop School is back in Session!

Join us to learn about Ruhstaller’s history, the history of hop cultivation, how we grow beer, and to have a hand in helping us grow hops.

Hop School 2019 features 5 stages held over 6 classes. Each Class will be held on Saturday…this year we are doing something new and holding Night School!
April – May 4pm
June – September 7am

To gain a full experience on the farm, we recommend taking one class in the first 3-4 stages, and then returning for harvest.

Tuition: $30 per class, register here

Includes: 1 beer, lunch, and a $10 donation to the Center for Land Based Learning

Location: Ruhstaller Farm & Yard8949 Olmo Lane Dixon, CA 95620 (off the I-80 at exit 69, Kidwell Road)

4pm – sunset
7am – noon

Hop School Schedule (held the first Saturday of every month):

Stage 1 – Pruning – April 6th – 4pm

Stage 2 – Stringing – May 4th – 4pm

Stage 3 – Training – June 1st – 7am

Stage 4 – Training – June 29th – 7am

Stage 5 – Pre-Harvest – August 3rd – 7am

Stage 6 – Harvest – September 7th – 7am

Class Notes:

– Tuition is non-refundable

– Classes are limited to 20 students, so register early!

– The hands-on portion of class will include working on the Ruhstaller Hop Yard. We highly recommend you wear a wide-brimmed hat, a light-weight long-sleeved shirt, long pants, work-boots and gloves. Bring plenty of water and extra sunscreen. The field can be muddy, the hoppies are scratchy and the sun gets strong.

– Children are welcome to attend class with a parent or guardian. But please keep in mind that many activities and tools are not suitable for young children.

– Class is for humans only, no pups, please.