It’s with a heavy heart that we say goodbye to our dear friend Christa Peterson.

Christa came to us to help us manage our  books better…but she became so much more: a counselor, confidante, passionate Jimmy Ruhstaller fan, and friend. She couldn’t wait to sit on K St. in a big ol’ Adirondack chair while enjoying a cold Capt Blk IPA at our new downtown Sac taproom…she’d call almost daily asking how “Her Taproom” was coming.

She helped Ruhstaller thru a very challenging 18 months with poise, understanding and sound advice…all the while fighting for her life with just as much poise and passion.

Our hearts go out to her Mom, Ginger, her two boys who she loved so much, her sisters and nieces, and what seemed like the whole town of Rockford, IL that came to visit her every chance they could!

Christa, we don’t know how we’re gonna make it without you…you left us too soon…we weren’t done yet. We’ll leave the light on and always have a Capt and a seat waiting for you at “Your Taproom”.


Team Ruhsti