The thief-taker shook his head.‘Imagine you’re the Headsman. Imagine you have the choice of bribing a few of the Emperor’s men or a few snuffers. Which would you choose?’ The answer to that was obvious — snuffers were swords for hire and people paid them for their eyes all the time. The Emperor’s soldiers, they were a different matter. alavert reviews Berren stuffed his cheeks with a last mouthful of bread and hurried into the yard outside. He chased after Master Sy along the dim twilight of alleys and passageways that wound down the hill into The Maze.‘Master, how much would it cost to have a sword of my own?’



Captain Frank Ruhstaller was California’s Premier Pioneer Brewer.
He embodied the Spirit of California, partnering with local hop
and barley farmers to grow the finest ingredients for his beers.

134 years later, Ruhstaller remains committed to the Captain’s
legacy. Our beer is made with California hops and barley, grown by
farmers we know and trust like Dave & Dia Utterback of the
historic Signorotti Hop Ranch in Sloughhouse.

When you enjoy a Ruhstaller, you experience the rich, nuanced
flavors only California Grown ingredients can deliver.


Jan-Erik Paino, Owner